USCG Sound Signaling Requirements

The United States Coast Guard has published an extremely technical document describing the minimum requirements for sound signaling capabilities for boats.

Vessels less than 20m (65') must have a whistle capable of 120 db at 1 m, and it must be able to be heard 0.5 miles away.  Vessels 20-75m (65-246') must have both a whistle and a bell.  The whistle must produce 130 db at 1m, and be heard for 1 mile.

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This kit is what you would actually hear on a locomotive.  It is a Nathan Air Chime.....and it is not playing around.

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The Nathan Air Chime is not for everyone.  Partnering with HornBlasters allows us to offer a substantial line of product.  Product and Technical support is always available.

Check out this document....discussing air horns in general.

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