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Bluave Marine Audio

Focused on a level of quality never reached in the marine industry, by implementing pro audio designs with marine characteristics to withstand the harshest of offshore environments & provide the ultimate in sound quality & maximum performance. 

Bluave MSE2.4-Loaded Subwoofer

Engineered to perform in the harshest marine environments in both free air applications & in loaded enclosures, the BLUAVE M10S4.2 & M10S2.2 Subwoofers are built for maximum performance providing intense & accurate bass response.

Loaded EMT-91 Tower Pods

For the sound enthusiast has must have the absolute best, Bluave has  introduced the first tower pod in our ELITE series the EMT91.  The  Elite series tower pod a true component style system using the mid from  our M9.0CX3 for incredible mid bass response and a modified EM2.0TR for  precise and intense high-end frequencies    The combination of the two  in the ridged T91 pod is nothing less than a true precision of sound.

CX3 Line

Introducing our NEW CX3 Line of Marine Audio Speakers!  New Styling, New Sound Attributes, and Perfect for Any Marine Audio Application!

QAP Loaded



  • Loaded with 2 pairs M7.0CX3  Speakers
  • Made from Durable LLPDE
  • UV Resistant Finish
  • Available in White (MQAP-W LOADED) or Black (MQAP-B LOADED) 
  • Sold as one Loaded pod
  • Outside Diameter 16 3/4″ W x 8 1/2″ D x 8″ H
  • 200 RMS per channel @ 2ohm load

The Waves and Wheels QAP (Quad Speaker Arch Pod) is designed for marine radar arches and many other applications for optical musical dispersion reaching beyond 50 yards of the bow and transom of the vessel/offroad vehicle!
The QAP is UV resistant and made from LLDPE (Polyeurathane). The unique 4-way design not only gives an even musical dispersion throughout and beyond the boat/vehicle, it also gives a sleek cosmetic enhancement to the arch or rollbar. The QAP is incredibly user friendly. It comes with an EVA gasket to seal the enclosure to the arch (no silicone needed).

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