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Marine Inverters/Chargers

Why Do I Need an Inverter ?

A Piece of the Quiet

Inverter installations can eliminate the need to run your genset for the entire time that you are away from your slip. The operation of an inverter is virtually silent, preserving the serenity or being on the water.


The most efficient marine generator will use more than one gallon of fuel per hour, and even more when heavily loaded. However, generators also need a good load to perform well and to last a long lifetime.

Inverters allow periodic use of the genset, and the inverter/charger will provide a good load for it when the generator is running.

Instead of running the generator around the clock, you may only need to run it a couple of hours a day or less.

Pure Sine Wave

When you are charging your inverter batteries, either by running the generator, or when plugged into shore power, Power Factor Corrected chargers use 25-30% less AC current than standard chargers.

The Battery Bank

Your inverter needs to draw power from somewhere, and that source is a battery bank.

We suggest 6-volt AGM batteries arranged in a series-parallel configuration. This setup is scalable, manageable, and effective.

Circuit Protection

Inverters deal with both AC and DC circuits, usually in high amperages or voltages. Therefore, it is critical that the proper protective devices are installed, including circuit breakers, battery switches, and fuse blocks.

Why Sick Speed for Inverters ?

Top Brands

We feature inverter/chargers by Magnum Energy and Xantrex, and suggest ONLY pure sinewave inverters to protect your sensitive electronics and appliances.

Intuitive Operation

Remotes that are easily understood simplify the inverter's operation and provide peace of mind while you are "On the Hook"

Safe, Reliable Installations

We use Blue Sea Systems equipment, follow ABYC standards, and make sure that wire sizing and battery connections are appropriate.